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Welcome to the Pinyon Crest home page.   Pinyon Crest is a rural subdivision in the Santa Rosa Mountains of Riverside County that was created in the late 1950’s.   The more than 200 lots are either one acre or two and a half acres in size enjoying the gorgeous mountain location within the Santa Rosa & San Jacinto National Monument.  

Approximately 15 miles south of Palm Desert on historic Highway 74, Pinyon Crest enjoys the cooler temperatures of the high desert at an elevation of about 4,000 feet. 

The Pinyon Crest Homeowners’ Association manages and maintains the decomposed granite roads, private water system and administers the Architectural Design Review standards.

This web site is intended for use by owners of homes and lots within Pinyon Crest.   Information about the community on this site includes:  meeting notices, rules, the By-Laws, the CCR’s,  Design Review information and general information and history of the community.   Visitors are also welcome to explore the public sections of the Pinyon Crest web site.  The Pinyon Crest Homeowners’ Association business office is also accessible at:
 Pinyon Crest Homeowners’ Association            Phone:  (951) 763-0420  Whittle Business Service  or
 P. O. Box  390290                                                            (951) 763-5175   
 Anza, Ca.  92539                                                     Fax:  (951) 763-9717

E-Mail:  Pat Whittle

                        (All images on this page were taken in or from Pinyon Crest)

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